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Fisher, Farrer, & Mullin Family Photos & More

Family Stories

Grandpa took me for a walk in the woods up on Rainbow Mountain. He knew everything in the woods. Scientific and common names of all the plants rolled off his tongue as we walked. That day I started picking up various nuts that were laying about. Grandpa directed me to collect a particular variety, which I put in my pocket.

Family Legend

Later, Grandpa chuckled to himself and told me to remove the rabbit turds from my pocket. Fortunately, they did not squish and make a huge mess. I told that story at his funeral. He was a fun and funny guy.

Family Tradition

Grandma was a consumate arts and crafter, and maybe a little OCD. She had a dustpan labelled, "Grandma's, Move it and Die!" She put out elaborate holiday meals and watched as we all ate them. She took great care of her family, and scared the shit out of us.

Ancestor Birth & Death

Hannah McCoy
Born March
She died Feb 21