Rusty Mullin

IT Professional


Peacemaker, problem solver, instructor, and volunteer that loves working with end users.


Computerman, Inc.

05/2013 - Present


Wearing all the hats gives unique perspective as a technician and project manager.

  • Created HIPAA guidelines and made infrastructure changes to ensure compliance. Established logging servers to track network activity for medical offices. Volunteered at the CSNA battered women's shelter.


05/2020 - Present


Teaching middle school students programming classes like Python, Scratch and HTML/CSS.

  • This review from a student: Good afternoon. I hope you are having a WONDERFUL day so far! I just wanted to let you know that you are an AWESOME TEACHER! Just curious, how many coding languages do you know? I'm pretty sure you know python, HTML, CSS, and java. Just to let you know, when I was watching YouTube, I saw ads about CodeWizardsHQ. CodeWizardsHQ is the best organization to learn coding from in my opinion. Whenever I fix a problem I couldn't fix for a long time in coding, I say, Wow. or Oh my gosh. or I feel very proud. You gave me the coding fundamentals that I need to be successful in life. You made coding very FUN! I LOVED ALL of the projects and assignments you gave to me! You taught my class things you weren't required to teach. Thank you for teaching me, my classmates, and people around the world VERY USEFUL, FUN, AND AMAZING SKILLS! Have an EXUBERANT DAY! Goodbye!


06/2018 - 03/2020

IT Supporter

Provided IT services for the world's largest tower section plant. Was sole onsite IT support for a facility grossing $1,300,000 per day.

  • Created an alternative data acquistion system to replace a failing and outdated one. Proved viability of project that will save millions in outside data subscriptions. Oversaw a project to connect the facility's wind turbine to the network and Internet while abiding by Department of Homeland Security Regulations.

Mullin and Sons, Inc.

11/2001 - 05/2013

VP Technology

Created technology division, trained employees in processes, customer service, technical methods, and best practices.

  • Became a Dell value Added Reseller. Secured WYLE Laboratories as a customer. Created profitable claymation commercial.

Universal Studios

03/1999 - 09/2001

Project Manager

Saved the President of Universal Studios Pictures digital address book. Toured the inside of the creepy house from the movie Psycho and rode my bike on the Back to the Future lot.


Calhoun Community College

06/1988 - 12/2015

Associate in Science General Studies

  • Linux/Unix
  • C+
  • Java

Heald Institute of Technology

07/1993 - 01/1995

Associate of Applied Science Electronics Technology

  • Assembly
  • Microprocessors
  • Digital Circuits


VP of Vestas Towers America: IT systems are integral to our success and Rusty has been a key part of this success...The life of this facility is now 10+ years and in this period, Rusty is the best IT resource we ever had.
— Anthony Knopp
Director of IT Project Office, Universal Studios: As a Sr. Project Manager, Rusty successfully led large scale information technology projects.
— Roger Rivas
IT Manager and Grant Writer, Crisis Services of North Alabama: Rusty provided volunteer technical services for our agency for 5 years...He has been honored by our agency as Volunteer of the Year
— Jeanne King
Attorney Dean Johnson, Huntsville Alabama
— Dean Johnson